Friday, November 30, 2012

Jack's Birth Story - Part 1

I can't believe I'm writing this right now. I always thought I'd have to be induced, or would at least reach my due date. But sweet Jack had other plans.

We had Thanksgiving at my Mom's house on Friday. Several times that day I had sharp cramping pains and pains that would even go down from my abdomen to the top of my legs. I thought it was just because I had been on my feet a lot that day. I mentioned how perfect it would be if the baby came the next day since my brother was getting ready to leave for training for a week. Not once did I think it would actually happen.

That night, I got to bed pretty late. Right before I went to bed I had some sharp cramps. I didn't think twice about them since I had them several times before in the last week and a half and figured I'd just go to bed and they'd go away. No sooner had I dozed off when one sharp cramp woke me right up. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. Several cramps later I decided to get up to see if I could get them to go away. After a few days of very little sleep all I wanted to do was sleep so my goal was to get the cramps to go away so I could go back to bed. I got up, drank water, walked around a bit, tried to sit and relax and nothing worked. About 2:00 I decided that maybe I should start timing the cramps to see if they could be anything. From the start they were timing 3-4 minutes apart and lasting anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute and a half each. And instead of going away, they were getting worse. Nothing seemed to help and breathing through them was the only thing that worked. I got my husband up at about 3:00 and told him I needed him to get on the computer to google the difference between a contraction and cramping. I still didn't believe I was actually in labor. According to what we found online a contraction could be pains that start from the top of your belly and work down or could be like really bad menstrual cramps. The cramps I was having was far worse than any menstrual cramps I've ever had so I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to get ready to go to the hospital. Just in case. I jumped in the shower, finished packing our bags, and grabbed a muffin to eat. All while breathing through the worst pains imaginable. Right before leaving the house I went to the bathroom and noticed a bit of blood when I wiped. That was when it hit me that this was really happening and I was in labor.

We left the house about 4:30 so we decided just to take JJ with us instead of finding someone to come stay with him. He woke up when Jorge put him in the car seat and asked where we were going. When we told him that we were going to the hospital because Mommy was going to have the baby he immediately perked up and was so excited. He was wired for the rest of the day.

That car ride to the hospital was the longest I'd ever been on. I never realized how difficult it was to deal with contractions all while being strapped to a seat, unable to move or change positions. Yeah, that sucks. We finally made it to the hospital a few minutes before 5:00 and were then taken to triage to be checked out.

To be continued...

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