Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Punkin Patch

Yesterday our family went to Chester's Pumpkin Patch. I think we've only missed 1 year there since 2008. And since this was Jack's first time at a pumpkin patch it was an extra special occasion. It was a bit of a dreary day and was chilly but wasn't so cold that we were freezing and miserable. There are quite a few things to do at Chester's. JJ's first request was to ride the ponies. Jack wasn't too sure at first and even fussed a bit but he stayed on through the whole ride. He did have a pretty tight grip on my finger though!
 photo bfc9d756-4fac-455a-a497-cba884fa3497_zps8f4dbcf8.jpg  photo 9ceeed86-d318-48f1-b556-5d21d35b2425_zps5c18c365.jpg  photo 4145a70e-669a-47a0-a355-d9c4432fad88_zps47a21f86.jpg  photo 40277d78-d45c-4f8d-b383-dce7cdb6e60e_zps3776517c.jpg

After the pony ride we headed to the barn to see the goats, cows, chickens, llamas, and peacocks.  photo 5f8f0e17-7e96-41e0-ac72-a6d691a1a3b7_zps84c2f670.jpg  photo 9fd464e9-abf4-4cde-a1a5-0a048d238c39_zps003d5d69.jpg  photo 0603c6fa-333c-4383-a864-fe7c7084a133_zps61506bf0.jpg

The hay ride took us to a hay maze and a giant slide. I'm pretty sure these were 2 of JJ's favorite things of the day. And as a photographer it was pretty great for me, too. Lots of cute photo opportunities!
 photo 8f3e88e6-fddb-4bdd-afff-588683dc44d1_zps1cdfd74c.jpg  photo b0429740-a588-4f81-aa53-4a0f55e84402_zpsb3361f07.jpg  photo a9b2fde6-193b-4aff-9ca7-1707cf36c275_zpsc9398bea.jpg  photo b27b503d-bda2-4c83-b3e4-7c0cfc8781d7_zpsf20baa92.jpg  photo 3b52d278-de6c-450a-83e2-f8f2195210e0_zpsc9bf1aef.jpg  photo 2e68575a-689e-430f-81b8-260eca52271d_zps77e971df.jpg  photo b1558140-b976-44d2-b7b9-6d905c0d1395_zpse336ffee.jpg  photo d2f086ff-63af-4269-8c36-5894892308d5_zps9a85f16f.jpg
 photo 2c2ee8b4-3456-48f8-ac4e-592f1a86a19c_zps566c0a3e.jpg
At one point, Mom and JJ ran ahead to hide from us. It was so funny how excited he was to "scare" us when we walked up to them. This boy of mine is always so full of joy and laughter. How I adore him!
 photo 711b6182-3015-4a52-ba5a-457b28ace83a_zpsba219300.jpg  photo d20cd674-6922-499b-a14a-c83a063885d8_zps68f09532.jpg  photo a66415f5-fc23-405e-9820-57dd31c860fa_zpsd3533f30.jpg  photo 6dabad35-9ebf-4bfa-8c84-71990a5b1d98_zpsddf64f20.jpg

We took the hay ride back to the pumpkin patch where we took a couple family photos and picked out our pumpkins to take home. It was such a great family day. I look forward to doing it all again next year!
 photo 0cbfa77d-4cb7-4060-85ba-435ee9df3b77_zpsb4dc8ad4.jpg  photo c9562e01-c37b-4673-93bf-c9c2c667239a_zps59ec02f3.jpg  photo da409702-1422-41fc-9825-af0bcb489f44_zpsdfc38f7c.jpg  photo c2008df4-7098-4f36-babd-35da8ae39c85_zpsc9a4d32f.jpg  photo 5da091f9-5721-47bb-8b1a-36915bcdbb86_zps586c48a7.jpg  photo 116ba59c-c26a-4a36-bd39-df3b63e3d9c6_zpsd7135c92.jpg  photo 799611a0-7cd1-40e1-b851-27e0d6040403_zps04902073.jpg

Friday, October 25, 2013

Old Fashioned Sunday/35th Anniversary

This past Sunday our church celebrated its 35th Anniversary with an Old Fashioned Sunday. It's always a good day filled with worship, friends, preaching, fun, and of course, lots of good food! Mom and Andrew and Hannah came to it this year. It was just a little chilly outside but was perfect for our tent service.
 photo 4c90290e-cdd3-4adc-af6a-7e13eb401278_zps7d942d9d.jpg
 photo 1d051f22-b764-453b-8f1d-5d166521b653_zpscb50e204.jpg

We had a full hour of singing and special music before the preaching. Jorge and JJ sang "The Old Story Will Never Grow Old" again this year. I'm so proud of my boy. He is braver than I ever was. He has no fear and I pray he stays that way. I'm thankful he loves to sing!  photo 44b94a09-8493-4f01-8671-63ec9ae20886_zps973bbe50.jpg  photo 038bfb25-4890-4058-8123-8eff80a91191_zps8c77db82.jpg

After the services we dug in to all of the yummy food, painted pumpkins, played games and the guys had a horseshoe contest. The afternoon was full of food and fun. And we all went home exhausted. Which is the sign of a good time!
 photo 5a49e7a4-0d1d-40fd-a553-933dc632c725_zps0a53b9fb.jpg  photo 7a63c9c0-b40e-42b6-9586-f59e91da784c_zps919dd89e.jpg  photo cce5a045-10d1-4fd5-a4aa-c546fa618209_zpsba59e13b.jpg  photo cc2e00be-5aa7-4935-9af7-8ee8941ee7ff_zps98e736c1.jpg

Thursday, October 24, 2013

11 Months

Jack Jack,

Today you are an unbelievable 11 months old. It is literally mind-boggling to me that you are only weeks way from being 1 year old. Which reminds me...I need to get started planning your birthday party! Anywho, this has been an active month for you. So much has happened. The biggest milestone is that you started walking! On October 15th you took your first steps and you haven't stopped! You're getting better and better every day. I have a feeling you'll be running sooner than later. 
 photo ea578cd9-7833-454f-856e-da1b93144a80_zps4b9ea611.jpg

Your first words were Bye Bye and just recently you started saying Uh Oh.  I'm hoping that you'll say Momma soon.  You've been jabbering a lot lately so I'm thinking you'll probably be a talker like your big brother.
 photo e5a3d250-cf9a-4745-8723-d3406c927215_zps147291b4.jpg

You had a slow start with food but now you love it!  You'll eat just about anything as long as it's not mushed.  I'm guessing you have a sensitivity to texture.  You also figured out how to use the sippy cup.  And if one of us is eating something you fuss until we share with you.  You've become quite a demanding little fellow! The spit up shows up occasionally but we're mostly done with it.  Hallelujah!
 photo a490cc19-7590-46f6-9771-091360cb3186_zps98c75adc.jpg

You are still sleeping in bed with me and you are still a horrible sleeper.  Unfortunately.  You wake up multiple times a night and require nursing in order to go back to sleep.  And sometimes that doesn't work.  There have been many days that I'm convinced your whole goal in life is to keep me from sleeping!  If that's the case, you're doing a fine job!  Next month though is Thanksgiving break and the goal of the whole week will be to get you in your own bed.  I have to admit that I will miss waking up to your sweet smile and jibber jabber in the mornings.
 photo 321de67a-42c4-4632-91d3-edb09491e165_zps7478dbe4.jpg

You are still in size 4 diapers and are wearing 12 month clothes.  You're still a bit of a chunk but I think you're leaning out a little bit.  That makes me sad.  I love all the rolls and fat baby dimples.
 photo 60e84156-8347-4ab1-aadb-256567f7a8a8_zps3b2b6689.jpg

You and your big brother are still best buddies although I think JJ is starting to realize that you can get into his things easier now.  I love to watch him with you.  He is so sweet and loving to you and always calls you buddy.  I'm sure you get dozens of hugs and kisses from him daily.  I pray you two will always be close.
 photo f7a6b97a-2d4d-44a0-a2cb-43d45f7625ad_zps510e76ae.jpg  photo 9b34bb64-14da-483d-83ef-d75072868f12_zps6a9ba2db.jpg  

You are growing too quickly little man.  You'll be all grown up before we know it.  And I don't even want to think about that.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I was looking through old photos the other day when I had the idea to find some pictures of JJ when he was 10 months old so I could compare him to Jack at 10 months old. There definitely are similarities between the two. They both have contagious smiles, curious personalities and are so full of fun and laughter.
 photo ec9af061-7be2-44dd-9a67-33623b8c186c_zps9e5199e3.jpg
 photo cff403f1-1d55-484c-80b9-13f7ec5b8470_zps3b1a459e.jpg  photo 2a3ca1d3-3b21-41bd-ae3b-5f04f2a315dc_zps438c2df5.jpg
I am so in love with my boys and am beyond thankful that God has blessed me with them.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Month of September

September was a pretty good month for our family (other than the fact that I turned 35. Blah). JJ made it through a month of Kindergarten (and I made it through a month of teaching!), he got his first suit (which was a VERY big deal), we attended the state fair (I have never seen so many, um, interesting people in one place in my life), and we found out what my brother and sister-in-law's baby is going to be (yay!). 
JJ had been asking for a suit for quite some time.  I had been hesitant to get one because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something he may barely wear.  Twice a year I go to the Just Between Friends consignment sale and stock up on clothes for the boys.  To my surprise I found a black suit on sale for $7!  I knew immediately that I had to get it and couldn't wait to show it to JJ.  To say that he was excited about it is an understatement.  The boy has worn the suit coat every single Sunday  since then. 
 photo cf0ebc0d-1f5d-42d3-874e-df393d2a9abb_zps1c6d362c.jpg  photo 1205fe30-18b5-420e-8f5e-09990b27b91c_zps04497d85.jpg

It has been a couple of years since we've gone to the state fair.  We talked about going this year but hadn't made any certain plans.  A friend of ours offered 4 tickets to Jorge to get us in the fair and the Disney on Ice show.  We originally had a date night planned but we couldn't say no to that so we accepted his offer and made a family day of it.  Since we had 4 tickets we decided to ask Mom to join us. We started off the day at the barn.  We saw everything from Clydesdale horses to baby chicks and baby pigs.
 photo e3ae5f78-1e6d-4808-935a-22eb66ffb14e_zps951abb63.jpg  photo be199540-8b4c-4ff3-8de6-a1c3c793a8a8_zpsc76809f4.jpg
We wandered around a couple buildings looking at the booths for a bit before deciding to hit the car show.  We went on a Saturday so it was crazy, to say the least, and there were thousands of people.  Which, by the way, made for some great people-watching.  My husband was one of the interesting ones in this case... 
 photo 5b8815c0-32a4-4520-b22f-30a368bd97d3_zps8c167269.jpg  photo dd80148b-91fb-4413-b8e9-26eb77618e8d_zps593b061c.jpg
Jack did pretty good through the whole thing.  He just sat back and took everything in.  Not much else he could do, I guess.  :)
 photo 9d5a5092-b610-49b6-910b-b464f18ef001_zpsfcd32f39.jpg
JJ wanted to play a game so we let him choose one.  I think he picked one that he knew he could win.  Smart kid. ;)
 photo a3f44896-fb2e-4d57-b1de-541224eb0c7f_zpsa42031a9.jpg
It was a fun and exhausting day.  And worth giving up our date night for!

Andrew and Hannah's gender reveal party was so fun and cute!  Everyone had to pin on their shirt which gender they thought the baby was.  I was team pink.
 photo d313e1ad-8cb5-466e-b9ff-31ea09e9fd74_zps19d92272.jpg  photo 3ad906f6-2c2a-41a2-9140-68bbc159b3c8_zps0cbdc0a5.jpg
The party was 10:00 in the morning so instead of cake they did filled donuts. The color of the filling would reveal the baby's gender. Such a cute idea!  photo 2d762769-7f74-4e5b-9144-dd2f7cd48fd2_zps1d3f6e8c.jpg  photo c62895d9-6c1c-4018-8de5-95555bde9718_zpsefcc0421.jpg
It's a boy!  I'm going to have a little nephew!  I'm so excited that my boys will have a boy cousin to grow up with but I'm thinking it's about time this family added a girl to it.  Hmm.  ;)


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