Friday, October 25, 2013

Old Fashioned Sunday/35th Anniversary

This past Sunday our church celebrated its 35th Anniversary with an Old Fashioned Sunday. It's always a good day filled with worship, friends, preaching, fun, and of course, lots of good food! Mom and Andrew and Hannah came to it this year. It was just a little chilly outside but was perfect for our tent service.
 photo 4c90290e-cdd3-4adc-af6a-7e13eb401278_zps7d942d9d.jpg
 photo 1d051f22-b764-453b-8f1d-5d166521b653_zpscb50e204.jpg

We had a full hour of singing and special music before the preaching. Jorge and JJ sang "The Old Story Will Never Grow Old" again this year. I'm so proud of my boy. He is braver than I ever was. He has no fear and I pray he stays that way. I'm thankful he loves to sing!  photo 44b94a09-8493-4f01-8671-63ec9ae20886_zps973bbe50.jpg  photo 038bfb25-4890-4058-8123-8eff80a91191_zps8c77db82.jpg

After the services we dug in to all of the yummy food, painted pumpkins, played games and the guys had a horseshoe contest. The afternoon was full of food and fun. And we all went home exhausted. Which is the sign of a good time!
 photo 5a49e7a4-0d1d-40fd-a553-933dc632c725_zps0a53b9fb.jpg  photo 7a63c9c0-b40e-42b6-9586-f59e91da784c_zps919dd89e.jpg  photo cce5a045-10d1-4fd5-a4aa-c546fa618209_zpsba59e13b.jpg  photo cc2e00be-5aa7-4935-9af7-8ee8941ee7ff_zps98e736c1.jpg

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