Sunday, October 13, 2013


I was looking through old photos the other day when I had the idea to find some pictures of JJ when he was 10 months old so I could compare him to Jack at 10 months old. There definitely are similarities between the two. They both have contagious smiles, curious personalities and are so full of fun and laughter.
 photo ec9af061-7be2-44dd-9a67-33623b8c186c_zps9e5199e3.jpg
 photo cff403f1-1d55-484c-80b9-13f7ec5b8470_zps3b1a459e.jpg  photo 2a3ca1d3-3b21-41bd-ae3b-5f04f2a315dc_zps438c2df5.jpg
I am so in love with my boys and am beyond thankful that God has blessed me with them.

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