Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Punkin Patch

Yesterday our family went to Chester's Pumpkin Patch. I think we've only missed 1 year there since 2008. And since this was Jack's first time at a pumpkin patch it was an extra special occasion. It was a bit of a dreary day and was chilly but wasn't so cold that we were freezing and miserable. There are quite a few things to do at Chester's. JJ's first request was to ride the ponies. Jack wasn't too sure at first and even fussed a bit but he stayed on through the whole ride. He did have a pretty tight grip on my finger though!
 photo bfc9d756-4fac-455a-a497-cba884fa3497_zps8f4dbcf8.jpg  photo 9ceeed86-d318-48f1-b556-5d21d35b2425_zps5c18c365.jpg  photo 4145a70e-669a-47a0-a355-d9c4432fad88_zps47a21f86.jpg  photo 40277d78-d45c-4f8d-b383-dce7cdb6e60e_zps3776517c.jpg

After the pony ride we headed to the barn to see the goats, cows, chickens, llamas, and peacocks.  photo 5f8f0e17-7e96-41e0-ac72-a6d691a1a3b7_zps84c2f670.jpg  photo 9fd464e9-abf4-4cde-a1a5-0a048d238c39_zps003d5d69.jpg  photo 0603c6fa-333c-4383-a864-fe7c7084a133_zps61506bf0.jpg

The hay ride took us to a hay maze and a giant slide. I'm pretty sure these were 2 of JJ's favorite things of the day. And as a photographer it was pretty great for me, too. Lots of cute photo opportunities!
 photo 8f3e88e6-fddb-4bdd-afff-588683dc44d1_zps1cdfd74c.jpg  photo b0429740-a588-4f81-aa53-4a0f55e84402_zpsb3361f07.jpg  photo a9b2fde6-193b-4aff-9ca7-1707cf36c275_zpsc9398bea.jpg  photo b27b503d-bda2-4c83-b3e4-7c0cfc8781d7_zpsf20baa92.jpg  photo 3b52d278-de6c-450a-83e2-f8f2195210e0_zpsc9bf1aef.jpg  photo 2e68575a-689e-430f-81b8-260eca52271d_zps77e971df.jpg  photo b1558140-b976-44d2-b7b9-6d905c0d1395_zpse336ffee.jpg  photo d2f086ff-63af-4269-8c36-5894892308d5_zps9a85f16f.jpg
 photo 2c2ee8b4-3456-48f8-ac4e-592f1a86a19c_zps566c0a3e.jpg
At one point, Mom and JJ ran ahead to hide from us. It was so funny how excited he was to "scare" us when we walked up to them. This boy of mine is always so full of joy and laughter. How I adore him!
 photo 711b6182-3015-4a52-ba5a-457b28ace83a_zpsba219300.jpg  photo d20cd674-6922-499b-a14a-c83a063885d8_zps68f09532.jpg  photo a66415f5-fc23-405e-9820-57dd31c860fa_zpsd3533f30.jpg  photo 6dabad35-9ebf-4bfa-8c84-71990a5b1d98_zpsddf64f20.jpg

We took the hay ride back to the pumpkin patch where we took a couple family photos and picked out our pumpkins to take home. It was such a great family day. I look forward to doing it all again next year!
 photo 0cbfa77d-4cb7-4060-85ba-435ee9df3b77_zpsb4dc8ad4.jpg  photo c9562e01-c37b-4673-93bf-c9c2c667239a_zps59ec02f3.jpg  photo da409702-1422-41fc-9825-af0bcb489f44_zpsdfc38f7c.jpg  photo c2008df4-7098-4f36-babd-35da8ae39c85_zpsc9a4d32f.jpg  photo 5da091f9-5721-47bb-8b1a-36915bcdbb86_zps586c48a7.jpg  photo 116ba59c-c26a-4a36-bd39-df3b63e3d9c6_zpsd7135c92.jpg  photo 799611a0-7cd1-40e1-b851-27e0d6040403_zps04902073.jpg

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