Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Month of September

September was a pretty good month for our family (other than the fact that I turned 35. Blah). JJ made it through a month of Kindergarten (and I made it through a month of teaching!), he got his first suit (which was a VERY big deal), we attended the state fair (I have never seen so many, um, interesting people in one place in my life), and we found out what my brother and sister-in-law's baby is going to be (yay!). 
JJ had been asking for a suit for quite some time.  I had been hesitant to get one because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something he may barely wear.  Twice a year I go to the Just Between Friends consignment sale and stock up on clothes for the boys.  To my surprise I found a black suit on sale for $7!  I knew immediately that I had to get it and couldn't wait to show it to JJ.  To say that he was excited about it is an understatement.  The boy has worn the suit coat every single Sunday  since then. 
 photo cf0ebc0d-1f5d-42d3-874e-df393d2a9abb_zps1c6d362c.jpg  photo 1205fe30-18b5-420e-8f5e-09990b27b91c_zps04497d85.jpg

It has been a couple of years since we've gone to the state fair.  We talked about going this year but hadn't made any certain plans.  A friend of ours offered 4 tickets to Jorge to get us in the fair and the Disney on Ice show.  We originally had a date night planned but we couldn't say no to that so we accepted his offer and made a family day of it.  Since we had 4 tickets we decided to ask Mom to join us. We started off the day at the barn.  We saw everything from Clydesdale horses to baby chicks and baby pigs.
 photo e3ae5f78-1e6d-4808-935a-22eb66ffb14e_zps951abb63.jpg  photo be199540-8b4c-4ff3-8de6-a1c3c793a8a8_zpsc76809f4.jpg
We wandered around a couple buildings looking at the booths for a bit before deciding to hit the car show.  We went on a Saturday so it was crazy, to say the least, and there were thousands of people.  Which, by the way, made for some great people-watching.  My husband was one of the interesting ones in this case... 
 photo 5b8815c0-32a4-4520-b22f-30a368bd97d3_zps8c167269.jpg  photo dd80148b-91fb-4413-b8e9-26eb77618e8d_zps593b061c.jpg
Jack did pretty good through the whole thing.  He just sat back and took everything in.  Not much else he could do, I guess.  :)
 photo 9d5a5092-b610-49b6-910b-b464f18ef001_zpsfcd32f39.jpg
JJ wanted to play a game so we let him choose one.  I think he picked one that he knew he could win.  Smart kid. ;)
 photo a3f44896-fb2e-4d57-b1de-541224eb0c7f_zpsa42031a9.jpg
It was a fun and exhausting day.  And worth giving up our date night for!

Andrew and Hannah's gender reveal party was so fun and cute!  Everyone had to pin on their shirt which gender they thought the baby was.  I was team pink.
 photo d313e1ad-8cb5-466e-b9ff-31ea09e9fd74_zps19d92272.jpg  photo 3ad906f6-2c2a-41a2-9140-68bbc159b3c8_zps0cbdc0a5.jpg
The party was 10:00 in the morning so instead of cake they did filled donuts. The color of the filling would reveal the baby's gender. Such a cute idea!  photo 2d762769-7f74-4e5b-9144-dd2f7cd48fd2_zps1d3f6e8c.jpg  photo c62895d9-6c1c-4018-8de5-95555bde9718_zpsefcc0421.jpg
It's a boy!  I'm going to have a little nephew!  I'm so excited that my boys will have a boy cousin to grow up with but I'm thinking it's about time this family added a girl to it.  Hmm.  ;)

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