Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Baby Is One!

So hard to believe that today my sweet Jack Jack turned 1. This year has flown by like no other. I'm pretty sure that the more kids you have the faster the years go. Which is scary.  It seems like everything goes by in a flash and I'm left with jumbled memories that feel like they just happened yesterday.  Sigh.  I wish time would slow down just a bit.  I'm not ready for this little boy to be 1!
 photo 11-18-1316_zps648b8d47.jpg

One year ago our little family changed forever when Jack made his grand entrance.  Jorge and I became the parents of 2 boys and JJ became a big brother.  It seems like he has always been a part of our family.  I find it hard to remember a time that he wasn't here with us.  And I can't imagine life without him.  He is such a joy and a treasure.  I won't lie about the fact that he has been a more difficult baby than JJ ever was but it is all so worth it and I would do it again in a heart beat.  The beautiful smiles, giggles, and sweet snuggles make me forget the hard times.  Our Jack Jack has quite a little personality already.  He's stubborn and knows what he wants.  And he'll fuss and whine until he gets it.  I'd say he's probably a little spoiled with all of the attention he gets.  He's so cute though so who can help themselves???  ;) 
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He eats like a champ now and devours just about anything I give him.  If we're eating something, he wants some too.  If we're drinking something, he wants some too.  Anything that is ours he now considers his.  He's recently learned to say "bite, bite" and point when he wants something to eat or drink.  Thankfully spitting up is rare now days.
 photo 03_zps8b7e777d.jpg  photo 02_zps9f356a6e.jpg

He is still wearing size 4 diapers , size 12 month clothes, and size 4 shoes.  The boy's got big feet!  I've really got to schedule a well child check up soon so I can see how much he weighs.  It's been a while so I really have no idea what it would be. 

Words he says are "bye, bye", "uh,oh", "momma", "dada" and he'll repeat "bubba" if we say it.  He does a lot of babbling, too.  Just like his big brother.  :)

Crawling is pretty much a thing of the past.  He's become a professional walker and is getting faster all the time.  I absolutely adore watching him toddle around.  It's the cutest thing ever!  I know he'll be running around before I can blink. 

Jack adores his big brother.  Every morning he gives JJ the happiest smile and the biggest hug.  His morning isn't complete without a visit to his brother.  He's JJ's little shadow and toddles after him around the house.  Anywhere JJ is, Jack wants to be!  I pray they grow up to be the best of friends.
 photo 11-24-134_zps49dc9a3e.jpg

And...we started sleep training tonight.  Not fun.  But he's got to start sleeping in his crib.  For all our sakes! 

My sweetest Jack Jack,
Happy Birthday little man!  You are so precious to me and I am ever so grateful that God has blessed me with you.  I pray you grow up to be a kind-hearted, strong man who loves God and people.  I love you my baby boy!
I Love You More,
 photo 89082f1a-f550-48ca-ae21-e07a03f91cb8_zps01e59915.jpg
It snowed today for the first time this season.  What a fun way to celebrate a birthday!


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