Monday, November 12, 2012

Maternity Photo Shoot

About 3 weeks ago my good friend, Kelly, spent a couple hours with us one evening to get some pictures of my growing belly and our family.  She's taken so many pictures for us and has always done a fabulous job.  I couldn't narrow the pictures down to just a few so get ready for photo overload.  :)
copy Family-0023 copy Family-0077 copyFamily-9802 copy Family-9743 copyFamily-9840 copyFamily-9846 copyFamily-9985 copyJack-0155
I'm wearing one of Dad's shirts in this picture.  It was one he wore all the time. 
copyJJ-9960 copyJorge-0127
My husband is such a goofball. :) 
copyLeah-0032 copyLeah-0112 copyLeah-0147
One of my favorites. Oh, how I miss my Daddy! 
copyLeah-9735 copyLeah-9747 copyLeah-9763 copyLeah-9864 copyLeah-9920 copyLeah-9958 copyLeah-9984

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