Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Shower

A week ago 3 incredibly sweet friends threw a baby shower for me. The theme was ABC's and it was simple and beautiful and I just loved it!   Being surrounded by amazing family and friends just made the day perfect for me.  I showed up a little bit early just so I could be sure to get pictures of everything before everyone arrived.
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower56
Me and my beautiful friends/hostesses.   I love these girls!
You can tell by the details that they put a lot of thought and love into it.  I know that I felt special and loved by these ladies. 
"P" is for presents.
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower2
"B" is for belly.  "M" is for mommy.
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower8
"X" is for xoxo's.  "D" is for due date, Nov. 26, 2012.
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower4
"Z" is for zucchini bread.  "I" is for invitation.  "H" is for hummus.  "V" is for veggies.  "C" is for chicken salad.  "Y" is for yummy treats.
Isn't the table set up beautifully?  I just love the colors.  Recognize the yellow chevron material? That's the same material I used to make a boppy cover.  My friends have good taste, huh?  And I love all the foods that they picked.  My favorite is cinnamon gummy bears.  Yum!
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower7
"N" is for napkins.  "F" is for forks.  "O" is for olives.  "K" is for kabobs.
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower6
"J" is for jars.  "S" is for straws.
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower3
"A" is for alphabet cookies.
Not only were these cookies cute, they were delicious, too!
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower24
"E" is for elephant.
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower9
"R" is for red raspberry tea.  "L" is for lemons and limes.  "W" is for water.
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower13
"T" is for thank you cards.  "U" is for ultrasound.  "Q" is for quite time.  "G" is for games.
They had the great idea of providing thank you cards for me.  All the guests filled out an envelope with their address on it so all I have to do is write the notes!
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower18
Filling my plate full of yummy food!  You know I made a couple trips.  ;)
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower20
Me with my Mom and one-and-only Sister-in-law, Hannah.
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower30
Game time!
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower38
My face is not so cute here but I had to show the adorable fedora a friend knitted for me.  I so cannot wait to get pics of baby Jack wearing it!
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower39
The same friend also knitted this cute baby wrap for me.  Again, I can't wait for the cute pictures we'll get but also it's something I can use a lot. 
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower50
A couple of the things Mom got me were these coconut & hibiscus brightening and toning body wash and lotion.  Goodness knows I need these!
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower53
A cute basket full of baby goodies including a sweet little blanket.
copy 11-03-12-BabyShower22
As you can see, I am so very blessed to have such good friends and sweet women in my life. Baby Jack and I were spoiled and are terribly thankful for everything that was done for us!

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