Monday, November 12, 2012

38 Weeks

Baby's size? Baby is the size of a pumpkin, measures about 20 inches head to toe and weighs about 6.5-7 pounds.

Weight Gain? 23 pounds total so far.  I gained 2 more pounds since last week.

Maternity clothes? My "around the house" clothes are a mix of regular sizes and maternity but the clothes I wear to go anywhere are basically all maternity.  I can still wear my maxi dresses though.

Stretch marks? Nope!  Haven't gotten linea nigra yet either.  I remember having it for awhile before JJ was born.  Wonder why I didn't get it this time?

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Sleeping? Been sleeping pretty good at night but I am so stinkin' exhausted.  Like first trimester exhausted.

Foods I am loving? Loving all things sweet.

Foods I'm hating? Chicken Express.

Movement? He's a mover.  Sometimes he kicks or sits on a certain spot that sends quick, sharp cramp-like pains in my abdomen.  So uncomfortable.

Best moment this week?  Hubby and I got to have a date night on Saturday.  We watched a movie then went to Chili's and shared and appetizer and a dessert.  Who knows how much longer it will be until we get to do something like that again. 

Symptoms? A new one this week - I had to take off my ring yesterday.  My fingers aren't terribly swollen but just enough to make it difficult to take it off.  Oh, and my feet are growing.  :(  I'm wearing size 7.5.  I've always worn size 6.5-7 but those are definitely too tight now.

Gender? Boy!  Jack Lee.

What I miss?
My Daddy. Every day.

What I'm looking forward to? Meeting this little guy and watching JJ become a big brother!

Milestones? My progress has stayed the same since last week.  Not quite 3 cm dilated and 60-70% effaced.  Today my OB and I talked about scheduling an induction at 41 weeks if he doesn't come sooner.  She said though that she doesn't think I'll make it that long.  Woohoo!

  Excited!  I am so ready to meet this baby boy.

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