Monday, November 5, 2012

A Good Name Is Rather To Be Chosen

After a lot of thinking and debating we have finally decided on a name for this little boy in my belly.  It's pretty amazing that we've decided so early since JJ was a couple days old before we came up with a name for him.

After Dad got sick and then died we knew that we wanted this baby's first name to be Jack but would give him a different middle name and then call him by that name.  It took a bit of time but we narrowed it down to Jack Lucas or Jack Griffin and those were the names we talked about for quite some time.  We never could completely commit to one though.  The names just never felt right so I began looking for other names.  When I found names I thought liked I would text them to Hubby for his opinion.  In the end, we were both more confused than ever and not any closer to deciding on a name. 

That's when Jorge sent me a text suggesting we name this baby Jack Lee.  After my Dad.  I was not expecting that and hadn't even thought it was an option so I had to take a few days to think about it.  After taking a couple days to imagine using my Dad's name daily with this baby it just felt right to me and I knew that was what I wanted to do.  Jorge later told me that he suggested it to me because he had a peace about it and just felt that it was the right thing to do.   I honestly can't think of a better name for this baby boy.
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I am so thankful that this little boy gets to have the name of the most wonderful man I know and I am so thankful for a Husband who led us to this most important decision.  I know my Dad would be so incredibly proud that his 2nd grandson will share his name.
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