Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Snowing Inside

Yesterday a box came with lots of packing peanuts in it. JJ had been eying the box, dying to get inside, since I opened it. I held off for as long as I could (because I knew the mess that would result) but gave in last night and took the opportunity for some fun pics! copy 2012-11-30100007
Notice how calm he is and how clean my floors are.  This doesn't last long.
copy 2012-11-30100140
It starts out innocently enough. Just a little bit of a mess. 
copy 2012-11-30100422
Yup. We've got a mess.
copy 2012-11-30100529
He couldn't have been happier!
copy 2012-11-30100601
Oh, but he's not done yet!
copy 2012-11-30100607
One of my favorites. You can see the pure joy in his face.
copy 2012-11-30100735
The final result. The packing peanuts actually made their way throughout the entire living room and on the couch but it was worth it to see my boy so happy!

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