Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Bath At Home

As with all newborns Jack wasn't too thrilled with getting a bath. He immediately got upset and turned red from head to toe, squawking through the entire thing. Washing his head was a completely different story. He immediately calmed down, got quiet, and just enjoyed what was happening.   If he's anything like his big brother he'll soon start to love his baths and it won't be such a terrible event.  Of course we documented the occasion with pictures.  Hubby was the photographer this time.
copy 2012-11-30124100-1 copy 2012-11-30124124 copy 2012-11-30124142 copy 2012-11-30124251 copy 2012-11-30124259 copy 2012-11-30124432 copy 2012-11-30124633

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