Monday, November 1, 2010

Orr Family Farm

We have had a very busy weekend so I've got several posts to write.  On Friday, late morning, several of us girls took our kiddos to the Orr Family Farm.  I had never been there but have heard about it and wanted to go.  It is such a great place for kids and it was a beautiful day.  JJ loves being outside so he was in heaven! 

They, of course, have a playground.  That was the first place we went.  I'm sure JJ could have spent his entire day there.

They also have a petting zoo.  The cutest little pig was there.  I tried to get a picture but couldn't get a good one.  I believe JJ is looking at rabbits in this picture.

A hay ride took us to the pumpkin patch.  This is always my favorite part because of the great photo opportunities.  JJ didn't take long finding the one he wanted.

My pumpkin holding his pumpkin. 

The cutest little pumpkin in the patch.  :)

We somehow managed to get the little kids to take a picture together.  Not looking at the same camera, mind you, but at least they're all together.  ha!

I just love my sweet little boy!

They have this awesome thing called a Jumping Pillow.  I totally want one for my back yard.  JJ was a little nervous about getting on it (there were so many kids and the pillow is HUGE) so I got on with him.  He seemed to enjoy it then.

 Next we climbed on the hay bales...

And went down the slide.

JJ was happy as could be playing on the hay bales. 

It was such a fun and memorable day.  I'm can't wait to take JJ back there again sometime!

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Ben and Emily said...

Looks like fun! JJ is adorable.

love the slide photo...very neat!


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