Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkins and Apples

A group of us got together Saturday afternoon to paint pumpkins and make caramel apples.  Thanks to Amy for such a great idea!  We were blessed with beautiful weather and great fellowship. 

All geared up and ready to go.

You can tell by the smile on his face how much fun he was having!

Jorge even painted a pumpkin!  (he looks excited, doesn't he???)

My little JJ's work in progress.

This is very serious business!

We were so excited to eat the caramel apples we made that we forgot to take pictures of the apples themselves so we decided that half-eaten apples would have to do.  And I have to give credit to Jorge for coming up with our new title...haha!

JJ loved them too!

They were messy but they sure were good!

I decorated the fireplace with the pumpkins that we painted.

I painted this polka-dotted pumpking.  Not very creative, I know.  Give me a recipe and I'll whip it right up but when it comes to painting, I'm lost!

This is JJ's sweet little pumpkin.  I really love how it turned out.  I think the colors are beautiful!

This is Jorge's work of art.  OU, of course!  :)

I painted this one as well.  I've been wanting a pumpkin with the initial of our last name so I decided this was the perfect opportunity for me to make one (instead of buy one!).  It didn't come out as perfectly as I would have liked but I'm happy with it!  (It's a V if you can't tell.  Jorge said it looked like a bird flying in the clouds...sheesh!)

After our pumpkin and apple activity, the rest of our Saturday consisted of normal Saturday things: grocery shopping, cleaning, making supper, etc.  Nothing too exciting.  And tonight, after church, we had some friends over for pie and coffee (although it ended up being pizza and then pie and coffee!).  I made a Lemon Velvet Cream Pie.  Yum!  I'll have to post pictures on that one.  :)

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