Monday, November 29, 2010

Grandma's Helpers

JJ and I went over to my parents house this past Friday to help with their Christmas decorating.  JJ loved getting to hang ornaments on the tree and I was assigned the task of decorating their mantle.  Yay, me!  I love doing these kinds of things so I was pretty excited about it.  It took me hours to do but I (and they) were very happy with the end result.  Next time I go over there I'm going to be hanging up a couple wreaths in some windows.  Hope those turn out just as cute!

Taking his job very seriously.

 Think I know who Grandma's favorite helper is.  Can't say that I blame her.  ;)

The completed mantle.  The garland and most of the ornaments on the garland were new this year.  The wreath has been used for years but the color of the pointsettias and ribbon that were on the wreath were the wrong color so we had to buy new.  Replacing the pointsettias was pretty easy.  The ribbon was a bit harder.  Making a bow that size was a bit of a challenge but we figured it out!

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