Monday, November 15, 2010

Girls' Craft Night

I have to say that I've got a great group of friends.  We all love most of the same things and always have a wonderful time together.  A while back someone suggested that we take one evening to make crafts for Christmas presents (and ourselves, of course!).  After some planning our craft night was born.  This past Friday night 6 of us got together at Heather's house and our crafting began.  We bought tons of supplies and lots of food and planned on staying as long as it took to get it all done!  I left about 3:00 Saturday morning and the other girls left around 5:00.  And we didn't even get close to finishing our crafts!  It took longer than we thought it would.  That's okay, though.  It gives us another excuse to get together!  :)

Heather sewing one of the 2 pillowcases she made.

Here's the finished result of  one of the pillowcases.
Kelly cutting out OU letters to sew to a pair of sweat pants.

Whitnee, Rachael, and Amy all hard at work.

Heather taking a break to talk (haha!) and Kelly still working. 

Amy sewing a letter on a pair of pants.

This is what you get at 2:00 in the morning.  haha!

Love these girls!

This is the necklace we made.  I made this one a few days earlier so that we would have something to go by on Friday.  We all loved them and want to make several more!

These are the pants that I made.  LOVE it!  I'm hooked and am totally going to make more.  I also made JJ a pair but haven't taken a picture of them yet.  They're dark gray sweats with an OU sewn on the side.  So cute!

Thanks to Heather for letting us trash her house for the night.  We definitely took advantage of all that space!  I can't wait to get together again to finish our projects!

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Sharon said...

Happy for you that you have a bunch of girlfriends with like passions. It looks like you had a lot of fun.


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