Monday, November 1, 2010

Basketball Is In His Blood

Friday evening we met up with some friends at a local church for their fall festival.  We went last year as well.  You can read about it here.  JJ was dressed as a chicken last year.  This year he went as a Spurs basketball player.  And he was adorable!  My husband is an avid Spurs fan and comes from a family of serious Spurs fans.  JJ is destined to be one, too!  haha!

Now doesn't he just look so cute?

Carrying his pumpkin around (again).  The scratch on his cheek is from going down the slide on his tummy at the Orr Family Farm earlier in the day.

Like father, like son.  I think JJ has no choice but to be a Spurs fan.  ha!  I love his expression.  That's what I get when I tell him to smile for a picture.  haha!

I threw on a Spurs shirt so we could all match for a family photo. 

At the festival.  Daddy getting a fake owie.  JJ wanted nothing to do with it.

He did like the boat races though.

The only piece of candy he ate all night was this sucker.  Thankfully he didn't eat more.  He was bouncing off the walls!

Taking a break from all the fun to eat his goldfish and cheerios.

There were a lot more activities that I didn't get pictures of.  After the festival we went to the home of friends of ours for snacks and games.  It was a great day.  And a very busy one!

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