Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day this year.  My brother, Andrew, is coming home from Iraq late Tuesday night so we decided to put off our family's Thanksgiving for another week so that he could be part of it.  Thanksgiving Day was spent it with Jorge's parents and brothers.  A lot of delicious food was eaten and a lot of football was watched (by the boys)!  It was a good day spent with family.  And I ate too much.  :)

Sitting on Mimi and Papa's couch.  Looking as cute as ever.  :)

Nilo spent the day on the couch or on the floor.  He had surgery on his foot the day before Thanksgiving.

JJ with his Mimi and Papa.

Watching TV with his Uncles.

Sharing some leftover turkey with Uncle Joey.  Whatever Joey is eating JJ always wants some!

Playing video games with Uncle Joey.

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