Monday, September 3, 2012

Nursery and Big Boy Room Inspiration

It took me a little bit but I finally decided how I wanted to do the boys' rooms.  One of the things I insist on is a nursery that doesn't look too "nursery-ish".  I want him to be able to grow up with it.  I learned that lesson from JJ's nursery.  It really was a cute nursery but it was just that - a nursery.  Nothing he could grow into.  And so I find myself now re-doing his room.  But this time I made sure that it's a room that he can grow into and will last him for years to come.

The nursery was inspired by one I found at Project Nursery.  I saw it and immediately loved it.  The first thing that caught my eye was the ABC wall.  Such a cool concept.  So far I've purchased a majority of the letters but have several left to find.  As for the rest of the nursery I'll be using JJ's old crib and dresser and the glider that my parents bought.  I would like to re-cover the glider using a great green color as seen in the inspiration pics.  And that's about it.  I haven't purchased anything else for the nursery.  When I was pregnant with JJ we had the nursery decorated and ready to go quite a bit before he was due.  This time I feel like I'm just so. far. behind. 
copy 01-19 copy 02-16
The bedding wouldn't be my first choice on it's own but I think it looks great with the whole nursery put together.
copy 03-15
JJ's room took me a little bit longer to figure out. I actually just found this inspiration room the other day and knew it was the one. Such a cool room that isn't too little boy.  I'm not big on the whole theme thing so I immediately fell in love with this room.  And the great thing is that JJ likes it, too.  Since I just figured out what I wanted to do with JJ's room I have purchased nothing.  We're going to have start from the beginning with a bedroom set (since the baby is getting his old set) and go from there.  I can't wait to get started on his room!
copy 04-14 copy 05-12
Disclaimer: JJ's room will be without the huge flatscreen TV. Goodness knows he doesn't need that!

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