Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Notes

Just a couple hours ago I found myself suddenly desperate to find something that Dad had written.  I needed to find something, anything that would have his writing on it.  After a bit of searching I was able to find a handful of random cards in which he had written something.  But the one thing that I wanted the most were the little cards with the bear and bees on them.  copy 09-11-12-NotesfromDad1
You see, years ago my Dad would randomly leave me one of those little cards with a note on the inside and/or the outside.  Most of the time it was just a simple I Love You but once in awhile he'd draw some kind of picture.  Back then I thought it was sweet but goofy.  Now?  Oh how very precious they are to me. 
copy 09-11-12-NotesfromDad4
When I saw this card, the tears immediately began to fall.  "I love you more."  That is a special phrase that my Dad always used with me.  Any time I told him  that I loved him (and even when I didn't) he would always tell me that he loves me more.  How greatly I miss hearing him say those 4 special words.
copy NoteCollage
These little notes from my Daddy have now become priceless to me and I will cherish them for as long as I live. 

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