Monday, October 22, 2012

JJ's First Special

Yesterday was our church's 34th Anniversary/Old Fashioned Sunday.  It was also the first time JJ sang in church!  He's been asking to sing a special in church for the past couple months so Jorge made a plan to sing with him at our Anniversary service.  At the beginning of service he kept saying that he didn't want to but by the time it was his turn to sing he was excited and ready. The battery on my camera died so I didn't get the whole thing but I only missed the last chorus.  I am so incredibly proud of my boy!

After services we had a potluck dinner then pumpkin painting, games for the kids, horseshoe contest for the guys, and a cherry pie contest for the ladies.
copy 10-21-12-OldFashionedSunday3 copy 10-21-12-OldFashionedSunday4 copy cherrypiecollage
This is the cherry pie I made and my prize for 2nd place. 

It was a day full of fun and fellowship and we all went home completely exhausted.


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