Monday, October 29, 2012

36 Weeks

Baby's size? Baby is the size of a honeydew, measures over 18.5 inches head to toe and weighs about 5.75 pounds.

Weight Gain? 20 pounds total so far.  This morning's appointment showed that I gained another 2 pounds in the past 2 weeks.

Maternity clothes? My "around the house" clothes are all regular sizes but the clothes I wear to go anywhere are basically all maternity.  I can still wear my maxi dresses though.

Stretch marks? Nope!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Sleeping? I sleep okay at night usually (unless JJ crawls in bed with us in the middle of the night).  Still getting up once a night to pee and my lower back and hip pain is always there. 

Foods I am loving? Anything sweet.

Foods I'm hating? Chicken Express.

Movement? Lots of rolling around going on.  He's also been doing a lot of pushing outward which is very uncomfortable.  I think he's trying to get out!

Best moment this week? We decided on a name!  (post about that coming soon)

Symptoms? Fat face, aching hips and back, always hungry, no energy, right arm going numb, pregnancy brain, among other things.  Thankfully my feet and hands haven't swelled yet.  I'm just waiting for it.  One lovely example of pregnancy brain was that I forgot what time I was supposed to pick up JJ from school last Friday.  We're supposed to be there by 12:00.  It's always been that way and I've never been late for it but for some reason this past Friday I had it in my head that 12:30 was the time I'm supposed to be there.  I was heading that direction when I got a call from the school asking if I was coming to get JJ.  Pregnancy brain, people.  It's real.  I've also noticed in the last few weeks that my hair seems thicker and I know I'm not shedding like I normally do.  I know that as soon as this baby is born that I'll be back to shedding hair again.

Gender? Boy!

What I miss? My Daddy. Every day. 

What I'm looking forward to? My baby shower this coming Saturday!

Milestones? My doctor checked me this morning to see if I've made any progress.  I'm 2 cm dilated and 60% effaced!  The more centimeters I can dilate without feeling anything, the better!  I know that I was dilated to a 3 for a couple weeks before JJ was born so we could still have several more weeks left.

Emotions?  Oh, boy.  Here we go.
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