Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Month Before

Looking through the pictures I took in the last month before Dad passed is...well, difficult.  And shocking.  It's still so hard to believe he went so quickly. It's unreal. Even now.

This group of pictures were taken on June 15th. Exactly one month and one day before he died. The weather was nice so we decided to sit outside awhile. I cherish these memories of JJ and his Grandpa. You would never know by looking at him in these pictures that he would be gone in a month.  Just unbelievable.
copy GrandpaandJJCollage
This was on June 30th at Andrew and Hannah's reception. If it would have been a couple weeks later he may not have been able to make it. By this time he was already so weak and tired. copy 07-6
These were taken during the first week of July. Dad's cousin came and stayed for several days and his Mom and brother stayed for several weeks . We were so glad we had family there and I know Dad was too. As you can see, Dad was on oxygen by now.  Soon after this he would be on oxygen 24/7.
copy 1stWeekofJulyCollage
This is in the waiting room of my Doctor's office on July 9th. Dad had gotten much weaker by now and had to use a wheelchair but he insisted on coming to the ultrasound. He knew it was the only time he would ever get to see this grandbaby.  The hour and a half trip left him exhausted but he wouldn't have missed it for anything.  And I am so thankful.  So very, very thankful that he came to see this little boy who would never know the greatest Grandpa he could ever have.  This day is also exactly one week before Dad died.  One week.
copy 05-11
This was July 12th. 4 days before. By now he was too weak to shave or do much of anything. Andrew, being the good son that he is, took over and gave Dad a good shave. As I watched this happening I knew I had to have pictures because I knew that these memories would soon be precious to us.
copy 7-12-12Collage
Looking back on these pictures just makes it more unbelievable to me.   How can it even be possible?  How can this really be my life?  I just don't understand.

And today is exactly 1 month since he left us.  Seems like so much longer since I've seen him but yet I can't believe it's been 1 month already.  I know that all too soon it will be 1 year.  I can't even imagine.


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Whitnee said...

Praying for you, Leah! that is awesome he was able to go to the ultrasound with you!


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