Tuesday, August 14, 2012

25 Weeks

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Baby's size? Baby is the size of a cauliflower, measures 13.5 inches head to toe and weighs a pound and a half.

Weight Gain? My appointment last Tuesday informed me that I've gained 5 pounds so far.  I think I look like I've gained much more than that but I'll take it!

Maternity clothes? I wear a few maternity items but have managed to mostly wear tank tops and dresses in my regular clothing. 

Stretch marks? Not yet. I never got any when I was pregnant with JJ and I'm hoping I don't this time, either! 

Belly Button in or out? Still in.  Starting to poke out a bit though.

Sleeping? Sleeping is still fairly easy right now.  Have only had to wake up a couple nights to use the bathroom but the stuffy nose is coming back so I'm finding it hard to breathe while I sleep. 

Foods I am loving? Sweets, of course.  This past Sunday night I had a random McNuggets craving.  Go figure.  Haven't eaten those in years and don't normally like them but I NEEDED them Sunday night.  We found some at another restaurant that are the same type but I felt better about eating them.

Foods I'm hating? Chicken Express still makes my stomach nauseous.

Movement? I feel movement daily. It's so exciting!  He's quite an active little baby. 

Best moment this week? Jorge drug all of JJ's old clothes out of the attic for me to go through.  With Baby Boy #2 being born in a different season than JJ I won't be able to use all of them but there was quite a bit I was able to save.  So fun going through all of JJ's clothes and remembering when he was that little.  Made me really excited to meet this little one!

Symptoms?My belly is my main symptom. Losing my breath easily is another. Just standing sometimes makes me breathless. When I eat I fill up quickly but then get hungry quickly so I feel like I'm always looking for something to eat.

Gender? Boy!  

What I miss? My Daddy. Every day.  

What I'm looking forward to? Coming up with a name! We have decided that this baby is going to have my Dad's name somewhere in his. We just haven't figured it out exactly yet.  

Milestones? We've reached viability!  

Emotions? The joy of pregnancy has been overshadowed by my grief of losing Dad. I can't help but be incredibly sad all the time. I look forward to being happy again.
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