Sunday, August 5, 2012


Last fall JJ played soccer with the YMCA league. This summer he  played basketball.  Just as the 4 year old soccer was, these games are quite entertaining.  It's an hour of mass chaos and randomness but it's fun and I enjoy watching my JJ get to do something he loves.  Because we stayed with my parents for a month or so we were only able to go to 4 of the games.

I am so thankful that my Dad got to come to 2 of the games. copy copy06-16-12-FirstBballGame11
JJ spent most of his time at the games running up and down the court like a crazy person but at least he was getting some exercise! There were some times though that he actually played basketball and was focused on the game.
 copy copy06-16-12-FirstBballGame3
copy 07-21-123 copy 08-03-12-Lastbballgame12 copy 07-21-1212 copy 08-03-12-Lastbballgame5 copy 08-03-12-Lastbballgame17

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