Thursday, December 3, 2009


I do realize that this post is a week behind but I want to share our Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving was at my parents house this year. Every year I make the Green Bean Casserole and sometimes the Pecan Pie. This year I made both as well as the Pumpkin Pie. I was up late Wednesday night making both desserts and putting the casserole together. The Pecan Pie took much longer than normal because I punched out individual leaves in the pie dough and used them as the edge of the crust. It turned out really pretty but was very time consuming. By the time I got to the Pumpkin Pie I decided against the decorative edge and just put a couple decorations in the middle.

The Pecan Pie. You can see the leaf crust.

You can see the leaves better here. And you can probably see why I didn't do the same thing for the Pumpkin Pie! ha!

The middle decoration is 2 leaves and an acorn. I realized afterwards that it looks like a reindeer. Oh, well.

Both pies turned out yummy! I adore Pecan Pie but thought this one was a bit too sweet. I still ate it though!

It was a great day spent with family. This time of year really makes me miss our extended family. Most of my family is in Indiana and most of Hubby's family is in Texas; therefore, our holiday get-togethers are always small. We always have a wonderful time together and it definitely doesn't stop us from making and eating a lot of food! We always have more than enough to eat! This year, Mom tried something new - Pumpkin Soup. It was very yummy!

As I said, I also brought Green Bean Casserole - a staple at any holiday meal.

So, here's the spread. We certainly had more than enough to eat.

Getting kisses from Grandma.

Grandpa and his favorite little boy.

JJ and his Uncle Andrew. Cute, huh?

We are extremely blessed. And I am thankful.

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Anonymous said...

I KNOW how tedious those fancy pie crusts can be, but the immense pride can be well worth it!
We need to find some time to get together -my phone # is on my facebook :)


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