Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cookie Decorating

It is a tradition in our family to decorate Christmas cookies.  We've done it for as long as I can remember and this year was no exception.  Last Thursday our family got together to decorate our Christmas cookies.  It was Jorge's first time so it was fun that we all got to do it together!

JJ was playing with the presents and the tree before we started decorating.

Here's our cookies and decorations.  My brother looks thrilled.  ha!

My Dad is the creative one.  He always has been.  He comes up with things that I would never think of!

Here's Hubby, our Rookie.  Looks like JJ's helping!

My Mom is the one who started this tradition years ago and is the one who has kept it up.  She is the glue that holds our family together.

Here's our Rookie again.  Wow, he got creative on that one!  ha!

Don't know why I look mad here.  I'm not.  I think I'm just concentrating.  This is hard work!  :)

Here's our finished products.  We normally have about double the amount of cookies but we cut back this year.  We decided we really don't need to eat that many cookies.  ha!

Here's a plate with some of the better decorated cookies.  The big one in the middle is one that Dad came up with.  It's an upside down gingerbread man decorated to be santa in a hot air balloon.  See, I told you he was creative!  I never would have thought of something like that!

And this is Jorge's plate of cookies.  We had to take a picture of his because this was his first time - a momentous occasion!

So there ya have it.  Our 2009 decorated Christmas cookies.  I think I get less and less creative every year.  It's a great tradition though and one I am excited to share with JJ in the coming years!


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