Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lookin' A Lot Like Christmas

So where do I start? I've got several different things to talk about so I guess I'd better get started. Let's 'bout Christmas decorating. I absolutely LOVE everything about Christmas. The decorations, the music, the food (of course!), the shopping, spending time with family and friends, and most importantly, the real reason for Christmas, Christ's birth. We were going to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate the house for Christmas but the Saturday before Hubby suggested we do it then. I, of course, was all for it. Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I couldn't get the decorations up soon enough! We put up the tree, decorated the fireplace and mantle, and the back wall table. Here are a few pictures.

This is looking from the bottom of our tree to the top. I just thought it was a neat view.

A fun shot. I like how it shows the tree and the fireplace decorations.

Hanging on the mirror in the entryway.

Decorations on the back wall. Not a whole lot going on. Have to keep things out of JJ's reach.

Hubby setting up the tree.

Helping Momma decorate.

Taking time out from his decorating to give Momma a kiss!


Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 Crew said...

Your tree, and home, look just beautiful!!

M Oliver said...

Love your creative shots!

Tara said...

Love the tree. It is so precious the photo of him giving mammy a kiss. what a cutie.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love your fun looking at all the trees.


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