Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Simply Thankful

It is November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner (can you believe it???). How appropriate is it for a Thankful post?

I have been blogging for almost a year now and I have read so many, many different blogs. MckMama is one I've read every single day since the beginning. Sweet Stellan has had heart problems since he was in his mother's womb. Yesterday he had a surgery that has made him SVT free! He's not out of the woods yet as he has a fever and a couple other problems.

I also have read the Williams Family Blog for quite a while now. They lost their first baby, Gabe, years ago to EB (a rare genetic skin disorder). Since then they had another baby boy, Jonah, who also has EB. Jonah is alive and well but every day is a struggle for them.

These women, and countless others, are amazing to me and they make me so very thankful for my healthy baby boy. Sometimes I forget to be thankful and start getting frustrated with daily life but then I read one of these blogs and am quickly slapped back into the reality of how fortunate I am. I am not grieving the loss of a precious child, I am not struggling to get through the routine of every day life, and I am not watching my baby get sick and fight for his life. By God's grace, I am the blessed mother of a perfectly healthy, happy 19 month old baby boy. And I am thankful. Simply thankful.

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Just a lass said...

good post love the new look and blog... now I have to go and fix my sidebar cause the old link doesn't work anymore... ;-)


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