Saturday, November 14, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

This year, our Sunday School class decided to participate in Operation Christmas Child rather than give each other gifts. It is such a simple thing to do yet it can really brighten a child's life. Basically, you fill a shoe box full of goodies (school supplies, candy, crayons, toothpaste, etc), decorate the shoe box, and spend $7 to have it shipped then take it to a local Mardels. From there, the shoe boxes are sent around the world to children who have very little. Can you imagine the joy a shoe box full of goodies will bring to these children? And the amazing part is that it is just so easy! I love to shop anyway so spending a little extra time filling a shoe box certainly wasn't much to ask. So our Sunday School class got together tonight so that we could decorate our shoe boxes and fellowship. I love any excuse to get together with friends! We also paid our $7 donation online so that we could get a bar code on our shoe box and have it tracked. That way, we'll get an e-mail telling us where our shoe box ended up! Pretty cool, huh? It was a great evening with great friends for a great cause. I can't wait to find out where our shoe box ends up!

JJ with our decorated shoe box.

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Anonymous said...

And of course I'm thinking "shoe box" and what I was imagining was not anything close to what was pictured lol - but what a nice gesture of your Sunday school class!


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