Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pie and Cookies

As mentioned on my previous post, it had been a while since I've baked anything so I decided to bake an apple pie while at my parents house on Monday. I didn't want to make a plain old apple pie (although they are yummy). I wanted to make something different. I remembered a recipe I found on Pioneer Woman's site a while back and knew it was the one I wanted to try. Scrumptious Apple Pie. And scrumptious it definitely is! It is my new favorite pie recipe. My parents and hubby are also huge fans of this pie so I know that I most definitely will make it again and again.

This is my sad, sad picture of a delectable, delicious dessert. If you want to see a better picture, check out Pioneer Woman's blog for this recipe. Her pictures are always fabulous!

Another dessert I made was Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies. Our Light Brigade/Glimmers class had a Thanksgiving celebration tonight. I volunteered to bring cookies. One of the other ladies was bringing her yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies so I needed to come up with another kid-friendly recipe. It took me a bit but I came across this recipe and thought it was cute and perfect for a kid's celebration. They're very easy to make, just a bit time consuming.

Aren't they cute? At first I thought they looked a little goofy but then I fell in love with their quirky, over-sized looks. Here they are in all their silliness.

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newlywedws said...

Those are darling cookies!


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