Thursday, September 3, 2009


The weather has been beautiful lately so we have been trying to spend more time outside. Here are a few pictures from our recent outdoor adventures.

We have gone to Lake Keystone with the Hogg family twice this summer. We just got to the lake and JJ was peeking out the door anxious to play!

Since we were on a boat JJ had to wear his life jacket. I just think he looks so cute here!

We're still riding on the boat. JJ loved every minute of it!

Getting ready to leave the house and take the dogs to the dog park. One of JJ's favorite words is doggie (pronounced daw-geeee). To say the least, we heard it several dozen times while we were at the park. :)

This is from our evening at the church camp out. A bunch of us went to the church property and spent the evening talking and cooking out. JJ loved looking at the fire pit.

Here he is with his Uncle Joey. After eating with my in-laws, we took some pictures outside and this is one of them. Isn't it neat?

Another one we took after eating with the in-laws. I love his eyes and the colors in this one!

Playing at the park about a month ago. He's definitely all boy!

Playing in Grandma and Grandpa Smith's backyard water fountain. He loves anything to do with water.

This was taken from another trip to the park a few days ago. He was lovin climbing up on this bench and just looking around.

Here he is again on his bench.

I love the bright colors!

My boy swinging. I swear he could do this for hours. Just like his friend Jack. ;)

JJ and I just got back from another morning at the park but after looking at all these pictures it makes me want to go back outside. Maybe we'll get to go to the zoo tomorrow. :)

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