Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Greatest Blessing

This post is solely about my sweet two-and-a-half (oh my gosh!) year old.  He is growing so quickly and is becoming quite a little man.  He is our greatest blessing and we adore him! 

Fair warming - this post is loaded with pictures.  I've got a couple months worth of photos to catch up on though so you're lucky you're only getting this many!  :)

First we have some pictures from our flight back to Oklahoma from Indiana.  On our flight there he was very intent on helping me pull my luggage.  The problem with that was that it was too heavy for him.  While in Indiana I decided to find a little bag of his own to carry on the way home.  I found one on wheels (even better!) and I cannot tell you how much he loved it!  You could tell he felt like big stuff pulling his own suit case.

He also loved the plane ride.  He's been talking about it ever since!

Driving his car around the yard.  (Jorge took these pictures.)

Looking out the window at Bentley.

This one's a bit blurry but I love it!

We took JJ to his first football game recently.  A local high school team was playing so we decided to go watch for a while.  We got there about half time.  JJ was smitten!  He loved the sights and sounds that come with Friday night football!

He's watching the band here. 

This is what I get when I tell JJ to smile for a picture.  Not quite what I was looking for but still adorable!

This one just makes me laugh!

I love taking pictures from different angles and I love little feet.

This collage cracks me up.  You can just see the thoughts going through his mind.

Just one more of my beautiful boy.

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