Monday, October 25, 2010


I'd like to talk about my grandpa for a bit.  Last time I wrote, he had been given 24-48 hours to live and JJ and I were flying out the next day.  We actually flew out as planned but Grandpa held on a bit longer that we expected.  Grandpa went to heaven on September 21st and the funeral was on the 25th.  I have to say that his funeral was one of the least sad funerals I've ever been to.  There were some tears, of course, but we were so happy for Grandpa that we couldn't be too sad.  Grandpa's whole life was dedicated to his relationship with God and his deepest desire was to be with Him.  How could we grieve that?!?!  It was a sweet ceremony and a beautiful day outside.  Perfect to say good-bye to Grandpa's earthly body one last time. 

JJ at the church where the viewing and ceremony was held.

At the grave site.  The flowers were so beautiful and JJ was enjoying them so I had to get a couple pictures.

I especially love this one.

I love you, Grandpa!  So glad I get to see you again one day!

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