Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Love The Colors Of Spring!

I love spring!  And I would love it even more if it didn't come with the crazy Oklahoma tornado weather.  ha!  With spring comes the beautiful flowers that grown in my parents yard.  I love their yard and would one day like to have one like it - if I can ever get myself to enjoy gardening....ha!  They have beautiful gardens everywhere!  I decided to start taking pictures of their yard so they can keep track of all of the beautiful flowers that have grown (and it gives me a good opportunity to practice my photography!).  Here are a few that I took the other day.  I edited some of them to add an interesting twist and love how they turned out.  Enjoy!



Sharon said...

Gorgeous!! Absolutely beautiful. You should use to tag and/or copyright your photos.

Leah said...

I edit my photos using picnik but haven't thought about tagging or copyrighting. Will have to look into that. Thanks!


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