Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old Fashioned Anniversary

Today was our church's 31st anniversary celebration along with our Old Fashioned Sunday. It was a fun day for everyone. We got to dress up, listen to special music, a special speaker, eat tons of yummy food, and play!

Here's a picture of our old fashioned family.

I love JJ's little outfit. He had the black bow tie but it didn't last very long. He ended up pulling it off.

We all brought food for our dinner today. I brought Chili and Great Pumpkin Cake. I saw this cake online and thought it was so cute and would be great for today's occasion. This was the first time I had made it and thought it turned out pretty good. The cake itself tasted yummy and the frosting was good too. I think I'll make this again for Thanksgiving!

There were also other things to do. They had a couple big blow-up bounce things (can't think of what they're called) for the kids to play in. The men played horseshoes and there was also sumo wrestling. ha! I still can't believe I actually did this. It was fun, though!

It was a day full of fellowship, food, and fun! We are so blessed to be a part of this church family!

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Anonymous said...

ROFLOL - Oh wow...u & that Sumo outfit! I'm speechless!!!


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