Monday, July 20, 2009

"Me" Day

Today was an unplanned "Me" day thanks to hubby. When JJ woke up at 7:00 this morning, Jorge fed him breakfast and took him and the dogs to the dog park for a while. I didn't get out of bed until 10:00. And when I did, I had coffee waiting! Then, hubby told me to schedule a hair appointment since I've been wanting to for a while now. Thankfully, a great salon had an opening and I booked it. I believe I have found the place I will go to from now on. They had complimentary arm and hand massages and ring cleaning while getting your hair washed! That, right there, is reason enough for me to go back. It was so relaxing. Not to mention, my hair stylist did a great job on my hair. She listened to my needs and wants and came up with the perfect hair style. After today, I'm starting to feel human again. I was in the "mommy" rut. Here are the befores and afters...

Here is the front of my hair before. Boring, right?

Here is the front of my hair after. Much, much better!

Back of my hair before. Blah.

Back of my hair after. Looks like it actually has some life to it!

Next on my list of things to do...pedicure and eyebrow wax!


Jolene said...

Love the new cut!!!

Chan said...

awww. . .what a sweet hubby! Love your new hair cut :)

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to have found a great salon!
I had to "interview" over 8 different stylists -before FINALLY finding the right one (which turned out to be #9!)

Danielle Taylor said...

Hi I found your blog through Kellys Korner. I love your haircut and I need to find a stylist so badly. I notice you live in my area and I was just wondering if you would mind sharing where you went to? Thanks!


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