Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Birthday Party

One of JJ's most favorite things is, and has always been, doggies.  It was also one of his very first words.  So, I thought it would be a perfect theme for his birthday party this year.  It was a beautiful day outside and was perfect for a party.

Since I'm involved in Stampin' Up this year I decided to make JJ's invitations instead of buy them  I'm so glad I did!  They turned out so cute and were much more fun than store-bought.  Thank you to my amazing friend, Amy, for helping me with these.  I couldn't have done it without you!

Since we went with a dog theme, I did everything "dog" that I possibly could.  We had hotdogs, chips, and puppy chow for lunch.

I hand-stamped the tablecloths with a paw print.  One had paws around the border and the other one looked like a dog walked across the table.  A fun and inexpensive decoration!

Bentley and Brandi (our 2 golden retrievers) joined us for the party as well.  Mom made homemade mini "puppy cookies" for the kids to give to the dogs.  The kids seemed to love playing with the dogs!

The cake turned out beautifully!  My fabulous friend, Rachael, made the cake for us.  She made JJ's birthday cake last year, too.   She also baked the cupcakes and I made the cookies.  We both decorated them.  I have to admit that I can bake just about anything but I'm pretty useless when it comes to decorating.  Thank you, Rachael for teaching me how to decorate! 

When it came time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candle, JJ was a bit hesitant.  I tried showing him how to blow it out but it didn't work.  In the end I blew it out for him.  You can see the edge where he was picking at the frosting.  He didn't care about the candle.  All he wanted was cake!

I never got a picture of the favor bags but they were doggie bags filled with dog-related stickers, a large bone-shaped cookie, a chocolate sucker in the shape of a  paw (I made them myself - yay!), and a dog coloring page.

We also had a face painting station.  I thought it would be great to paint the kids faces to look like a dog.  I have absolutely no talent in the painting/drawing department so Jorge asked his Dad to paint the kids faces for us.  He did a great job and I think the kids really liked it!  JJ didn't sit still long enough to finish getting his face painted but it was a start!

 JJ received many wonderful gifts and this year he actually helped open them!  Last year Jorge and I did all the work.  ha!  Our gift to JJ this year was a green and yellow four wheeler type thing.  He just sits on it, pushes a button, and off he goes!  He loves it!

It was a beautiful day filled with lots of fun, food, and friends.  I am so thankful to have such great family and friends to share our special moments with!

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Amanda Coupe said...

it looks like a great party. I love that you made so much of the stuff yourself yet it looks so classy.


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