Friday, August 7, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday: Wedding Reception and Honeymoon

Okay, so this week is Wedding Reception and Honeymoon at Kelly's Korner. We went several different places on our honeymoon so there will be quite a few pictures to look through. How fun it is to go back and look at all these pictures. Brings back some great memories!

I posted a picture of my wedding cake last week so I won't post it again. Here we are cutting the cake.

Now, feeding each other. We did NOT smash it in each others faces. I hate that! I'm so glad he behaved!

Here is the groom's cake. Once again, very simple (and not as perfect as I would have liked it to be) but it fits my hubby perfectly. He is a Spurs fanatic so this was definitely the cake for him!

Here is the reception site. We just set up a tent in an area of my parents' yard and moved the chairs from the ceremony site to the reception site. Worked out great!

Instead of using rice or bubbles, we decided to use sparklers for our send off. I'm so glad we did! They were fun and resulted in some great pictures! This is hubby and me. It's a little hard to see but I love this one!

Here is my Mom and brother. As you can see, Mom is definitely enjoying herself!

This is a family from Jorge's side. They came all the way from Las Vegas to help us celebrate. We were so thankful they came! This is actually one of my favorite pictures from the day. I love it!

And we're off!

Now, on to the honeymoon. We were married in July but didn't go on our Honeymoon until September. I actually kinda liked it that way. Gave us something to look forward to!

First, we went to the San Diego Wildlife Park.

Next, we went to Laguna Beach. Love that place! We had breakfast at a restaurant on the beach. I could seriously eat there every day!

We also went to the Hollywood Wax Museum). Me with Spiderman, himself. haha!

Hubby with Denzel.

We spent a day at Universal Studios.

My favorite part of our honeymoon was the cruise that we went on. I highly recommend cruises and can't wait to go on another one!

One stop we made was Catalina Island. What a beautiful place!

Formal night on the cruise ship.

Horseback riding in Escenada, Mexico.

This was our last day on the ship. We just wandered around and took lots of pictures.

The last place we went was Las Vegas. We were only there for a couple days. I was worn out by that time so it was okay with me!


newlywedws said...

I agree Catalina IS gorgeous! Did you happen to stop by the "casino" that had no gambling - I thought it was odd!

Leah said...

We saw it from afar. I thought that was strange, too!


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