Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Quick Update

The chili is simmering on the stove, JJ is quietly entertaining himself, and Jorge isn't home yet so I thought I'd take these few quite moments that I have to give a quick update.

Thanksgiving in San Antonio was wonderful. Too short. But we definitely enjoyed ourselves. I love meeting Jorge's extended family. They are so sweet and made me feel like I've always been part of their family. Of course, they adored JJ and made us promise to bring him back again soon. We loved our time in San Antonio so that won't be a problem for us!

Last night, Jorge brought on the Christmas decorations in and I set up the Christmas tree and decorated everything. I love Christmas time - it's my favorite - so I love Christmas songs and decorations. The only bad part is all the work that goes into putting everything up and taking everything down! It is so worth it though. A few Christmas lights and decorations can bring such a quiet serenity to a home. I love the soft glow of the lights while Christmas carols play in the background. Unfortunately, it only lasts one month. If it were up to me, it would be much, much longer! ;)

I need to check on the chili and my child. I will write again soon!

Merry Christmas!


Chan said...

I know what you mean about leaving it up a little longer but my husband always pulls it all down a day after Christmas. He does do most of the work though so I supose I can't complain much. . .right?

I saw JJ in the nursery tonight in the baby toy he was pushing himself up on his feet just happy as can be it was too cute!

Anonymous said...

Who said that it can't be left up that long, I mean don't you know that snowmen are the COOLEST thing ever and are the "in" thing w/ home decor ;p

Actually the longest I have left my christmas decor up (yes, tree included!) was well into February!


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