Thursday, November 20, 2008

Car Shopping

My husband and I have the unfortunate task of finding a car. Last week, on his lunch break, Jorge was hit by a guy running a red light. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt at all but the car wasn't so lucky - it was totaled. We're counting our blessings because the accident was bad enough that he should have been hurt but came out of it unscathed. Also, we got more for the car than we were expecting. So we do realize that things could have/should have been a lot worse than they were and we thank God for that. Now, we have to find another vehicle for him to drive. We started our search tonight and found one that he may be interested in. Pray that we'll find a good and reliable car soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Vehicles can be replaced, so it's a relief to hear that your husband wasn't hurt!

Not sure where you plan on looking, but check out autotrader - that's how we found the Toyota Highlander that we drive...God really answered a prayer for us by providing this vehicle!


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